First of all we examine each carpet that we receive with detail, and we notify the client of all the existing defects. Afterwards, we proceed with the most effective cleaning method according to the type of the carpet, dedicating all the time needed to obtain a perfect result.


We can refurbish any default the carpet may have, like color or fringe problems. With this service, our objective is to leave the carpet in perfect condition, like the day you bought it. 


Once is clean, we offer our especially conditioned facilities for the storage and maintenance of the carpets. We will save them for as long as the client wishes.

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More than 30 years of experience

A rug needs to be cleaned every year. Due to its use, a great amount of dust, dirt and germs gets accumulated inside even though we may not see it with a naked eye. This dirt deteriorates the air quality in our homes.


Although the company Catifa Neta has been recently created, the employees in charge of the cleaning and refurbishing of the carpets have more than 30 years of experience due to their previous activity in this sector. For this reason, we master all the different professional cleaning methods leaving us the opportunity to use the most effective one according to the the type of the carpet. We dedicate all the time and effort needed with each carpet in order to obtain excellent cleaning results. 

Thanks to the confidence that this experience has given us, we offer a full WARRANTY of our service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. 



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Machine made rugs

Wool handmade rugs

Extra delicate rugs

10€ / m²

15€ / m²

Price to establish depending on the rug


The price will depend on the refurbishment needed. We will previously report the price to the customer, and we will proceed if the customer wishes so.


2€/month per rug

It starts counting one week after we notify the customer that the rug is clean and ready for delivery.


Radius of 7km from Girona center

7km to 15km from Girona center

 + ​ than 15km from Girona center


5€ per journey

Price to establish depending on the location.



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